Wishing I were home

/ 12 January 2006

There are moments in time when being around family and colleagues is particularly important, and today is one of them. Emails went out today to the Luther Seminary community announcing Kelly Fryer’s resignation, effective immediately. She sent a letter to the community, too, which was a faith-filled, beautiful, powerful statement that demonstrated enormous respect. I am feeling very far away from Luther right now, and wishing that I could be somewhere where I could give Kelly a hug and wish her the best on the next new steps in her journey. Until then, I want to say publicly — what a powerful pastoral leader she is, and what a gift that we’ve been blessed with her gifts these past three years! I, for one, am going to miss her immensely, and am not sure how we will manage to pick up all of the threads of what she was doing with us.

This year has been a hard one for Luther. Richard Wallace's death in August, Mark Swanson's announcement that he will be leaving at the end of the term to join LSTC, and now this. I hope that we, in the Luther community, can focus on where God might be leading us in the midst of all of this change and transition. Pray with us!