Happy National Coming Out Day

/ 11 October 2005

Happy National Coming Out Day! I’ve been so busy this week that this day kind of snuck up on me, and we clearly didn’t have much celebration at school. I suppose that’s what happens when particular activists graduate, and a new group has to develop. This day has been celebrated since 1987, and is a moment to pause, give thanks for the courage of so many GLBT people, and to encourage others to consider coming forward. It’s a hard thing to be open in this way, particularly at a Christian seminary, and I yearn for the day when the faith I have in a God of love who became incarnate and walked around amongst those deemed marginal will be shared by more people.

My reading for the day? Straightforward, a great book for allies which points to a number of very concrete steps we can take: a fair employment mark, a vacation pledge, and a host of other ideas linked to renouncing heterosexual privilege.

Religious organizations worth visiting on these issues include the UCC's Coalition for LGBT concerns, Lutherans Concerned, DignityUSA, and the Metropolitan Community Churches.