Second day in Faverges

/ 7 September 2005

Today was a long day. We listened to presentations all day long, and late into the evening. Pablo Sosa — who has a most wonderful voice and pastoral presence — talked about some of the theological frameworks for thinking about property. Geidy Lung (a senior lawyer at WIPO) explained the various international conventions (Rome, Berne, WPPT, TRIPS, etc.) that govern intellectual property. I gave my own presentation (which I think was attempting to do too much in too little time, and hence ended up not being effective). Dennis Smith talked about the realities on the ground in Latin America. And we concluded the evening by watching the DVD “Willful Infringement” (which I’ve commented on before in this weblog, and which I highly recommend). I’m too exhausted to say more at this point. Maybe tomorrow I’ll add to this entry.