Images from the Gulf Coast

/ 3 September 2005

I am once again on my knees in prayer, weeping for the anguish that is all around us. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, here are some photos gathered up by the Poynter Journalism website. Take a moment to head over to this site as well, and watch some of the tv news coverage. When even Fox reporters are breaking down and criticizing the government’s response, you know it’s bad. What can we do?

Obviously giving money to relief organizations is a good idea, but here's what my sister-in-law suggests (she's on the board of the Juvenile Justice Project in Louisiana):

"Many people have asked how they can be helpful. The first priority for the juvenile justice community in Louisiana is to “get people out of New Orleans and to safety,” says David Utter. Please call your representatives and demand urgent action now. Beyond that and the current urgent life-saving demands, we certainly realize there will be many needs for resources but it is too early to say exactly how we think those resources may best be directed. "

Here's a site where it's easy to find ways to contact your elected representatives.