God’s Politics book group

/ 15 April 2005

Even though I’m completely overwhelmed with other responsibilities right now, I couldn’t resist the invitation to be part of a blog group that’s discussing Jim Wallis’ new book — God’s Politics. Bob Carlton got the whole thing going, and a diverse group of people are involved. The chapter I’m primarily responsible for doesn’t come up until later in May, but today as I was reading some of the initial posts, I really resonated with Betsy’s comments about why it’s hard — but necessary — to do faith and politics:

That’s the thing. In any political clash, I have to allow for the passion, the sincerity, and the right motives of the people with whom I disagree. I expect to be heard and respected, even when my opponent has a greater knowledge of the facts of history or law. I expect tone and feelings to count, and not to be dismissed because of my emotion or my personal story; I expect not to be shut down by the feelings or story of my opponent.

It took a long time to find these boundaries, these allowances and expectations. I insist on them, though. For me, they mean that we really can talk about politics and religion.

I agree! And I'm looking forward to having this discussion unfold, and for the opportunity to take Wallis' book seriously.