Investigate torture

/ 19 February 2005

The NYTimes is right to urge that there be a full accounting of what is going on with the prisoners we continue to hold — both at GITMO and in Iraq, Afghanistan, and so on:

"The White House has done everything it can to bury the issue. Nearly a year after the Abu Ghraib scandal broke, the administration still drags its feet on public disclosure, stonewalls Congressional requests for documents and suppresses the results of internal investigations.

But the issue is as urgent as ever. Hundreds of men remain imprisoned at Guantánamo Bay, years after any information they had might have been useful and in defiance of two Supreme Court decisions. American soldiers hold thousands of Afghan and Iraqi prisoners under rules that remain murky, to put it charitably.

American intelligence is still secretly detaining prisoners - a practice that has become embarrassing enough for the Central Intelligence Agency to fret publicly about it. And the administration continues to insist that the president has an imperial right to sweep aside the law and authorize whatever he wants. That includes flouting treaties that prohibit sending prisoners to other countries to be tortured. That abhorrent practice has become more common since 9/11 and is reported to include sending prisoners to Syria, a repressive nation counted by Washington as a state sponsor of terrorism.

Write and call your congresspeople. Ask your friends to contact their congresspeople. Pray. Organize. Shout out. Give money to the Center for Victims of Torture. Forward Mark Fiore's animation to your friends. DO SOMETHING.