Conor Oberst

/ 5 February 2005

One of the joys of living in a world of multiple digital media is that one thing can lead to another pretty easily. Reading the New Yorker this morning (in print) I was enjoying an article about Conor Oberst (lead singer and songwriter of the band Bright Eyes), when the author of the article (Sasha Jones) mentioned a new song that Oberst had written after the President’s inaugural celebration. Curious to see if it was available at iTunes, I went to the store — to discover that it’s not only available, but this song — When the President Talks to God — is free!

Glimpses from this Dylan-like song: "does what God say ever change his mind, when the president talks to God? when the president talks to God does he ever think that maybe he's not? that that voice is just inside his head when he kneels next to the presidential bed?" Check it out!

Note to Windows users: iTunes is a free software download that works in the Windows environment as well as the MacOS, and allows you to download music that you have acquired legally through the store.