World AIDS Day

/ 29 November 2004

It’s worth noting that December 1 is World AIDS Day. There are some interesting resources out there that you could use to work with on Wednesday. For example, Bono has put together a wonderful website at DATA that works on debt relief, trade, and AIDS issues. UnitingforYou is a new CD that will be released on Wednesday by a group of Minnesota musicians supporting AIDS relief. Living with AIDS (an occasion of grace) is neat little video produced by Adán Medrano about faith communities’ efforts about AIDS. (I also like his video “Hope in times of crisis” but I couldn’t find it on his website.) The Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance has a ton of resources available, including a wonderful free cd-rom full of posters from their international poster competition. This site also has bulletin resources, prayer ideas, and many other liturgical pieces. So now you have no excuse not to honor this day!