While we were praying…

/ 4 November 2004

Thanks to Cheryl for sending me these links. While those of us on the progressive and mainline religious end of things were out working and praying and studiously trying to avoid entangling church and state, our colleagues on the religious right were very busy -- and very effective.

Here's a statement that was circulating just prior to the election that makes a set of very clear arguments about what the "biblical issues in the 2004 election" are. It was signed by a long list of pastors and seminary professors. Those of us who have a different hermeneutic need to get very busy at helping our country engage it! Here's a place to start, a sermon that was preached by Jane Redmont for All Saints' Day. And here's a statement a number of us support on "Confessing Christ in a world of violence." It's also worth looking at some of the exit polls to uncover who voted for whom -- one statistic that is striking to me is that the majority of Bush's support (88%) came from whites.

I'm also troubled by this piece in The Revealer. Is homophobia really the one overt bigotry that middle class Americans feel perfectly ok about displaying?