Randy Kelly endorses Bush

/ 1 August 2004

I can’t get over how angry this makes me, but the mayor of St. Paul — an endorsed, elected, DFL guy — has endorsed Bush. I voted for Kelly — although not in the primary, where I voted for Jay Benanav — but nevertheless, I voted for a Democrat not a Republican. I have voted, on rare occasions, for Republicans in the past, but always when they supported crucial issues and were on the whole, better choices than the alternative (think: John Silber in Boston). But Bush is so far to the right of what the DFL party stands for here in St. Paul that I can’t even imagine how Kelly is thinking right now. Other than perhaps, like another “famous” mayor of St. Paul (hear my sarcasm over Norm Coleman), he’s wanting to run for higher office in the future and wants to do so as a Republican. ARGH! I hope our local DFL activists will get on the phone and start calling him (651-266-8510) to express dismay.