Simon and Garfunkel teaser

/ 12 June 2004

So I was listening to Weekend Edition this morning with only half an ear, since I tend to get fairly annoyed by Scott Simon, and suddenly realized he was interviewing Simon and Garfunkel. It was wonderful listening to the two of them talk about their early years, and what they’re doing now. They also played a brief excerpt from an old song they never released, which will come out soon, apparently. It’s called “Citizen of the Planet,” and I wish it were out now! There’s a brief excerpt up at the NPR site (like, 15 seconds worth… argh!), but I will need to keep my ears open so that when it finally comes out for real I can get a hold of it. Simon played several excerpts from past albums as well, and I was struck by how hauntingly appropriate it is in our current context. (Or maybe I’m just getting old?)