Tears of joy

/ 18 May 2004

I’ve just been reading another e-mail message from a friend who lives in Boston. I don’t think I can describe all of how I’m feeling right now, but I have to try — otherwise I’ll just spend the rest of the morning crying (which doesn’t get any work done…) Joy, first of all, that these long time friends of ours can finally celebrate publicly, and have the same legal rights, that Eric and I have enjoyed as a married couple all of these years. Some sadness, that I’m no longer living in Boston and can’t reach out and hug these friends, and participate in the general celebration taking place there. Frustration, with some of my fellow Christians, who continue to argue that making marriage between people of the same sex legal will somehow destroy the foundation of marriage.

My own experience, like anyone's, is very limited. But the committed relationships that my gay friends have sustained over time seem to me to model the deepest parts of what is meant by sacramental relationality. Straight married folk have far more to learn from these friends who have had to fight for their relationships against enormous cultural pressures, than we (that is, straight folk) have to fear from them.

Take a moment to visit the Human Rights Campaign site and ponder the pictures there -- here is the face of love, which is the face of God.