Disney censoring Michael Moore

/ 6 May 2004

Well, I think Disney’s done it! If you weren’t interested in Michael Moore’s film before, surely you will be now. According to the New York Times, Disney is blocking their subsidiary Miramax from distributing his newest film, Fahrenheit 911, in the US. (It is entered at Cannes and will be judged there). Of course, they’re not forbidding it from distribution abroad, so perhaps we can hope that it will be bootlegged and we’ll be able to get DVD’s of it to see here… Moveon. org has taken up the issue, and is asking people to call Disney directly or the local manager of your local Disney store, to complain. Disney can be reached at: 1-818-567-5389 (this is the number our local, Mall of America Disney store gave me when I talked with them).