Help for Hemi-kids

/ 16 June 2003

Our son Alex — a quite amazing kid! — lives with a variety of challenges that followed the stroke he suffered early in his life. For years I have been a member of the Hemi-kids listserv (more info at the Chasa site), but today I stumbled on another, similar, site in Great Britain (HemiHelp) that had a couple of useful resources I hadn’t seen before. Both of these sites serve to network and resource families of children living with the challenges of hemi-plegia (hence “hemi-kids”), and are one of the more tangible sources of support I draw upon. As I wandered through the site, I found some links to great adaptive bicycles. Our youngest son, Nathaniel, has recently mastered the art of the two-wheeler, and these sites prompted me to wonder if maybe Alex could, too. Stay tuned!