Friends and others blogging Digital Genres conference

/ 4 June 2003

There are moments when I wish I still lived in Boston, given the wonderful conferences that regularly take place at MIT on cultural studies and media (Henry Jenkins is at the heart of much of that). But this week I’m wishing I lived in Chicago, as I “eavesdrop” through blogs on the Digital Genres conference. AKMA, Trevor, David Weinberger, net.narrative environments and others all have interesting reflections on the conference. Even the simple list of abstracts is provocative enough for me to wish I’d been able to be there. I’m convinced that the issues people are working on in these venues are critical for communities of faith to deal with — and I’m also convinced that the theories people are working with would help us (in communities of faith) get at our central questions. But I haven’t had time lately to help figure out how to build the kind of bridges we need there, to dive into the “digital genres” kind of meaning-making. Sigh.