Postmodern bible commentary

/ 29 April 2003

Marta Maddy, one of the students in my online ed class, just stopped by looking for her papers. Which, I am ashamed to admit, I have not yet found the time to comment on. I am slowly drowning in work I haven’t finished! But her visit was a gift, because she pointed me to the postmodern bible commentary, a project I think I may have heard about at one time in the distant past but certainly haven’t visited lately. It’s an online, interactive bible study that is full of serious resources (Hebrew language pronounced in real audio files, for instance). It also has a handy little grid for thinking (at least in short hand) about some distinctions between pre-modern, modern and post-modern biblical commentary. Right now the only commentary available is Amos, but it’s a fascinating and rich resource — as a vision of what’s possible, if nothing else. It also reminds me, by way of resonance, of the American Bible Society’s New Media Bible, another rich online resource. And — especially for those of us needing to use print resources in scholarly settings — the work of A.K.M. Adam.