iTunes4 and Apple music store

/ 29 April 2003

Forbes magazine calls it “enormously easy to use and dangerously addictive.” What is it? Apple Computer’s new online music store. I have to admit, I think I agree. Just a couple of days ago I was searching all over the Net for an MP3 version of John Denver’s “Rhymes and Reasons.” I know, not the thing you’d imagine I’d be looking for, but an echo of an old song brought it to mind. I found lyrics, albums that listed it, etc. etc., but no online audio of it. After about an hour or more of searching I gave up. This evening, in just seconds, I found it in the new online Apple music store and had bought it for 99 cents, downloaded into my computer and was happily remembering ninth grade. I’m afraid it’s going to be way too easy to spend time at this store. There are also a number of videos available by artist to watch, although they don’t appear to be available for sale. A nice review is available in tbray’s weblog.