New ideas from MACC and friends

/ 25 April 2003

Since Monday two of my friends and colleagues (Adan Medrano and Fabio Pasqualetti) and I have been working with the faculty/staff of the Mexican American Cultural Center in San Antonio. We were invited to help them think through the media culture aspects of the faith/culture journey in which they have for a long time been engaged. Our conversations have been so rich and interesting that I can’t do much more right now than simply list some of the media pieces I’d like to follow up on: Changing Lanes; Lourdes Portillo’s work, especially “Columbus On Trial” and “Senorita Extraviada”; Little Voice production’s “Sweet Ambition,” the Zero Church album of sung prayers produced by Maggie and Suzzy Roche, and “Spin,” by Brian Springer. In looking for “Spin” on the web, I also ran into an interesting site that catalogs so-called “illegal art” — and it also includes a video I frequently show people, “The Iraq Campaign.” I’m sure I’m going to be reflecting about this experience a lot in the months to come!