Educational Ministry

Educational Ministry

MN3041, Trinity Lutheran Seminary, June 2019

    An examination of the theological and educational foundations, and basic questions that shape a congregation’s ministry of education. Attention will be given to the leadership dimensions of teaching in all aspects of a congregation’s life and mission

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    Course Objectives

    Key learning questions:

    • What is educational ministry and why is it needed?
    • What is the relationship between educational ministry and faith formation? How does educational ministry support the mission of a church?
    • What historical, social, and cultural dynamics have shaped how specific churches have done educational ministry? What new dynamics are challenging the way we have always done things?
    • Why does a given church teach? What is the relationship between teaching and faith?
    • Why, when, where, and how do we best do educational ministry?
    • How does context impact how educational ministry happens in your setting?
    • How does one create teaching/learning experiences that foster formation in faith? Even, or perhaps especially, in contexts beyond or outside of the church?