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I admit to some degree of surprise that I have spent the last four days thoroughly engaged by the Democratioc National Convention, held “virtually” this year, given the pandemic.

I am more hopeful than I’ve been in a long time, and there were several short pieces that were streamed during the event that I want to make sure I can easily find again. Hence this page.

I fear that the next 70 days prior to the election are going to be filled with ugliness on the part of people who do not want Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to be elected. There is a history in US politics of the “other side” (however defined) using negative ads and false claims to drive people away from voting.

We who care about justice and hope and love cannot allow that to deter us this year. So here are a bunch of pieces you can share out that are more positive and offer constructive support for the Biden/Harris ticket.

I am starting this page on the 21st of August 2020, but I will add to it as things emerge that I think worthy of sharing. Please return often to grab links to put in your social media — we need to flood our news streams with good pieces to overwhelm all of the ugliness that will be out there.

Our strength is not in weapons, money or power. Our strength is in our peace, the peace within us. This peace makes us indestructible.

Thich Nhat Hanh

Under stress, an unexercised heart will explode in frustration or fury. If the situation is especially tense, that exploding heart may be hurled like a fragment grenade toward the source of its pain. But a heart that has been consistently exercised through conscious engagement with suffering is more likely to break open instead of apart. Such a heart has learned how to flex to hold tension in a way that expands its capacity for both suffering and joy.

Parker Palmer

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