Spectrum Vocation

Vocation of institution

<td class=col1>Proclaim God’s word through transmission of a static, bounded text</td><td class=col2>Study God’s word and deliver it to students, who will in turn transfer it to others</td><td class=col3>Help students become scholars of God’s word</td><td class=col4>Support study of God’s word and sharing of that word outward</td><td class=col5>Proclaim God’s word by nurturing study and leadership in mission to the world</td>

<td class=col1>Secure and protect information</td><td class=col2>BT: Provide/deliver instruction</td><td class=col3>BT: Produce learning</td><td class=col4>Reproduce experts to lead learning in other contexts</td><td class=col5>Sustain life-long learning culture and generation of new knowing in communities of faith</td>

<td class=col1> </td><td class=col2>BT: Transfer knowledge from faculty to students</td><td class=col3> </td><td class=col4>BT: Elicit student discovery and construction of knowledge</td><td class=col5>Elicit discovery and construction of knowledge on part of communities of faith</td>

<td class=col1>Indoctrinate</td><td class=col2>BT: Offer courses and programs</td><td class=col3> </td><td class=col4>BT: Create powerful learning environments</td><td class=col5>Sustain powerful learning environments</td>

<td class=col1>Maintain rigid standards</td><td class=col2>BT: Improve the quality of instruction</td><td class=col3> </td><td class=col4> </td><td class=col5>BT: Improve the quality of learning</td>

<td class=col1>Keep enough students to stay afloat</td><td class=col2>Improve access geographically to students</td><td class=col3>BT: Achieve access for diverse students</td><td class=col4>BT: Achieve success for diverse students</td><td class=col5>Continuing to reach out and learn from diverse learners, and achieve success with diverse learners</td>

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