Spectrum Productivity

Productivity and funding issues

<td class=col1>Definition of productivity: continued survival of information</td><td class=col2>Definition of productivity: cost per hour of faculty production of publication</td><td class=col3>BT: Definition of productivity: cost per hour of instruction per student</td><td class=col4>BT: Definition of productivity: cost per unit of learning per student</td><td class=col5>Definition of productivity: cost per unit of learning in community?</td>

<td class=col1>Funding for research hours</td><td class=col2>BT: Funding for hours of instruction</td><td class=col3>Funding for specific degree outcomes (that is, not necessarily number of course hours, but degree completed)</td><td class=col4>BT/MH: Funding for learning outcomes that combine research and teaching</td><td class=col5>Funding for learning environments and outcomes growing out of culture change</td>

<td class=col1>External constituency determines everything, but in a strictly hierarchical structure</td><td class=col2>There used to be church support, but it now exists in name only with little financial consequence</td><td class=col3>Church constituencies support institutions financially and in name, but with no real stake in outcomes</td><td class=col4>Church constitutencies play a role in learning and definition of outcomes through contextualized practicuums and strategic planning</td><td class=col5>Lines between church and academic institution and congregation are deeply messy and structured along the lines of Web 2.0 formats, they are interpenetrating and inter-dependent</td>

<td class=col1>Academic guilds are irrelevant, except insofar as they offer occasions to highlight church teaching</td><td class=col2>Academic guilds are the primary source of content, structure of methodology, run competitively and along lines of producing expertise</td><td class=col3>Academic guilds continue to structure degree and course frameworks, but they are experiencing some contestation of knowlede from other communities</td><td class=col4>Academic guilds are source of important networking and shared collaboration, but also only one of several producers of knowledge</td><td class=col5>Academic guilds are only as relevant as their participation in learning cultures</td>

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