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Learning theory

<td class=col1>Knowledge exists permanently inviolable in God’s mind/hands</td><td class=col2>BT: Knowledge exists “out there” and can be discovered following strict procedures and methodologies</td><td class=col3>BT: Knowledge exists in each person’s mind and is shaped by individual experience</td><td class=col4>Knowledge is socially constructed, both “out there” AND “inside”</td><td class=col5>Knowledge shifts to knowing, and content objectives are recognized as fluid and socially constructed within frameworks of “right relationality”; Truth is relational and connected, but paradoxically enduring and foundational</td>

<td class=col1>Truth is defined by an outside authority and is static</td><td class=col2>BT: Knowledge comes in “chunks” and “bits” delivered by instructors</td><td class=col3> </td><td class=col4>BT: Knowledge is constructed, created, and “gotten”</td><td class=col5>Knowledge is both constructed and created, AND Truth exists</td>

<td class=col1>Learning is memorization</td><td class=col2>BT: Learning is cumulative and linear</td><td class=col3> </td><td class=col4>BT: Learning is a nesting and interacting of frameworks</td><td class=col5 align=’left’>Learning is ecological, organic, structured as a spider’s web with both anchoring lines and sticky lines</td>

<td class=col1>Fits catechism metaphor</td><td class=col2>BT: Fits the storehouse of knowledge metaphor</td><td class=col3> </td><td class=col4>BT: Fits learning how to ride a bicycle metaphor</td><td class=col5>Fits Web 2.0 new media literacy metaphors</td>

<td class=col1>Learning is pure transfer, determined by hierarchical authority</td><td class=col2>BT: Learning is teacher centered and controlled</td><td class=col3>BT: Learning is student centered but teacher controlled</td><td class=col4>Learning is shared process with student, teacher and community engaged</td><td class=col5>Institution is learning-centered, controlled by a dynamic interplay of person and community and sacred</td>

<td class=col1>Print text required, no teacher or student necessary</td><td class=col2>BT: “Live” teacher, “live” students required</td><td class=col3>Active teacher and active learner required</td><td class=col4> </td><td class=col5>Active learning process, with dynamic learners from variety of contexts</td>

<td class=col1>Knowledge is unquestionable</td><td class=col2>BT: The classroom and learning are competitive and individualistic</td><td class=col3> </td><td class=col4>BT: Learning environments and learning are cooperative, collaborative, and supportive</td><td class=col5>Learning environments extend beyond institutional limits (Web 2.0, wikipedia, etc.)</td>

<td class=col1>Human beings have no talent, God holds all knowledge</td><td class=col2>BT: Talent and ability are rare</td><td class=col3> </td><td class=col4>BT: Talent and ability are abundant</td><td class=col5>Talent and ability are God’s gifts found in everyone</td>

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