Spectrum Contexts

Contextual issues (including digital tech and media)

<td class=col1>Popular culture is “of the devil”</td><td class=col2>Popular culture is irrelevant and trivial</td><td class=col3>Popular culture might be interesting in some arcane discourses in cultural studies</td><td class=col4>Popular culture is a source of meaning-making, drawn upon regularly within critical discourses</td><td class=col5>Popular culture is a source not only of critical engagement, but of promulgation of learning and research</td>

<td class=col1>Digital tech strictly avoided</td><td class=col2>Digital tech used instrumentally (lectures broadcast, for instance) in search of more credit hours for financial reasons</td><td class=col3>Digital tech used to create limited access to otherwise isolated students, emphasis on creating access, early adopters do all of the adaptations</td><td class=col4 align=’left’>Digital tech begins to permeate learning structures, enabling collaboration across diverse contexts and constitutencies, institution invests heavily in faculty learning</td><td class=col5>Digital tech a key form of new media literacy that permeates all learning structures as appropriate</td>

<td class=col1>Cultural contexts of students deemed problematic and often leading to “syncretism”</td><td class=col2>Cultural contexts of students mostly irrelevant to learning</td><td class=col3>Cultural contexts of students important to take seriously in learning for effective outcomes</td><td class=col4>”Cultural contextualization” a key element of learning and teaching</td><td class=col5>Cultural contextualization is not only a key element of learning and teaching, but thoroughly embedded in theological method and process</td>

<td class=col1>Racism not perceived as an issue</td><td class=col2>Racism perceived as an issue only for people of color</td><td class=col3>Faculty urged to provide support for multi-cultural content in courses</td><td class=col4>Institutions begin to recognize the distinctions between “multi-cultural” and “anti-racist” learning, and implement strategies in support of anti-racism</td><td class=col5>White learners/educators pursue a stance of “aggressive humility” and educators/learners of other cultural contexts become lead educators</td>

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