Tech Workshop

Teaching and Technology

This website is intended to be a resource site and playground. It was begun by Mary Hess for use in an HTI workshop, but continues to grow as people contribute to it. Please be aware that any links found within this website have been contextualized within specific workshops, and are not necessarily being endorsed here.

Essential questions:

What are we trying to do in terms of teaching and learning?

How can technological resources assist us in meeting these goals?

What kinds of institutional support are necessary for meeting teaching and learning goals?

What other kinds of resources can support progress toward these goals?

A few specifics:

There are many electronic tools available to use in supporting your desired learning outcomes. Some examples include (but are not limited to): e-mail listservs, course management systems, weblogs, instant messaging, presentation software, wikis, digital sound, digital video, e-portfolios.

Faculty around the country have been experimenting with these tools in various ways in their courses, to support specific learning outcomes. Examples include: constructing debates, building scavenger hunts, designing problems, writing fictional touchstone churches, using a wiki to resource specific issues, and encouraging embodied reflection. There are other examples available as well.

Other people have created websites that encourage public participation, such as the ShareMyWorld site, or the Virtual Casebook Project. Some have created CD-ROMs that bring a multitude of resources into easy reach, such as Beyond Borders, or The Mediated Spirit.

AAR student workshop

At least six opportunities:

Papers and other support:

The powerpoint presentation that I used today.

The special issue of the journal Theological Education that focused on technology.

The white paper on new media literacies written by Henry Jenkins.

Henry Jenkins’ book Convergence Culture.

My book (Engaging technology in theological education)

Wabash Journal Teaching Theology and Religion special issue on technology (abstracts only online)