060128 Questions

Questions for the participants in this meeting

  1. how can we best make this a global site? What would make it hospitable for people from a wide variety of contexts?

  2. what kind of name could we give to this site? (maybe an acronym from another language?)

  3. who else should we be inviting into advisory structure?

  4. what challenges do you think this project will face?

  5. who will be interested in this project? How will we let them know about it?

  6. what kinds of materials already exist out there that we ought to find a way to access? (I’m thinking, for instance, of out of print curriculum materials in the vaults of various publishers who might be persuaded to give them to us for this site as a way of advertising their generosity.)

  7. what kinds of categories ought to exist in any of the ‘pull down’ menus? (think about the kinds of categories hymns are labelled under, for instance, and think about the range of materials that might be available

  8. how will people search these materials? What categories will they use?

  9. what would make reviewing work well? And how best to support “reviewing the reviewers”?

  10. what other examples can you think of, that are sites on the web already? Or sites that would give us some idea of how to implement this well?

  11. how can we best publicize the request for proposals that will go out after this meeting, asking institutions to give us a bid for hosting the site?

  12. what specific things do we need to keep in mind for the technical architecture of the site?

  13. what legal issues do we want to make sure we’re clear about?