Week One

10 February 2011 / Introductions and Orientation

This week we’ll be doing a lot of “orienteering” Δ what is the course about, who are we who are gathered to learn together, what are our expectations, and so on. If you’ve found this site ahead of our meeting, you might go about setting up a facebook page and deciding where you’ll blog. If you’ve never even read a blog, never fear, we’ll talk about what they are and how you can begin to write one.

We will also meet Rev. Nancy Maeker, who heads up the Minnesota Without Poverty Initiative, about which you will be doing your final projects.

Helpful resources include: Information Revolution, Learning to Change, Changing to Learn, Blogs in Plain English, RSS in Plain English, A Vision of Students Today, what is a blog?, what is a newsreader?, OnePage guides (http://www.timdavies.org.uk/tags/onepage)

Blogs that you might enjoy looking at include: U2Sermons, LivingWordbyWord, SnakeCharmer’sWife, Church’s Vocation in the World, MinistrywithChildren, Fidelia’sSisters, DigitalLeadership, God’sPolitics, OneMissionBlog, ActiveParisioner

Additional reading you might enjoy:

Blood, R. (2002). The Weblog Handbook: Practical Advice on Creating and Maintaining your Weblog. Perseus Books.