Week Two

5 November 2012 / Didache: Part One

This week we’re going to be working with what Maria Harris calls the curriculum of didache. In particular, we’ll be working on understanding and exploring Parker Palmer’s epistemological arguments about knowing, and how they might help us to prepare and design learning environments in religious education.

On the resource page, you should download the three handouts related to Parker Palmer, as well as the “trio of triads” handout.

My video reflection:


Finally, as promised in my video, here are two short videos that demonstrate how crucial it is to understand the relationality of our knowing in the world we’re currently inhabiting. First, a short piece on social media:

And second, a piece that creates a tangible entry point into the epistemological shifts happening as we move from print to digital tools.

Individual work

Begin reading the book you’ve chosen as your foundation text, paying close attention to the author’s definition of religious education and faith nurture, and thinking about how you might embody this author’s ideas in specific learning designs.

By Friday, participate in the large group discussion.

Group work

Work in your small group to come up with at least three compelling questions that you would ask Parker Palmer, if you had the opportunity. Then discuss in your group how each of you might respond to these questions. Here is a place where you can use your choice book to good effect, as many of them go at some length into questions that Palmer only hints at. Also pick at least one passage from your choice book that resonates with you, and share it within your group.

Your small group summary is due on Wednesday, posted to the large group discussion.