Week One

29 October 2012 / Koinonia

Introductions and orientation

Our primary task this week will be to orient ourselves to each other, and the work of the class. Before you watch the video below, please read Chapter One of the Faith 20/20 book (which is also available online), and download this handout. We’ll be working with these ideas throughout this term.

In addition to introducing ourselves to each other, and becoming involved in the small groups, I need each of you to explore the website thoroughly.

My video for the week


Individual work

Read this course website, paying particular attention to the requirements page, and the more general information about portfolios. Make sure you know where your small group space is within MyLutherNet, and where you can find the large group discussion for each week.

A brief discussion of the portfolio process.

By Friday at midnight, please make sure that you’ve taken the book quiz on “To Know As We Are Known,” which can be found at MyLutherNet.

By Friday at midnight, also make sure you’ve read all of summary insights posted to the large group by each small group, and that you have participated in the discussion by making at least one substantial comment to the large group discussion (beyond your group’s summary). By “substantial” I mean something other than a “verbal bouquet” of agreement. You could post a question that has occurred to you, you could respond to a question someone else has posted, and so on.

Group work

From Monday until Wednesday, work on introducing yourselves to each other in your small group by sharing your history in religious education: how did you learn about your faith? how did you learn about other religions? have you ever taught someone else about faith? Where would you put either yourself, or the church you’ve been a part of, on the Faith20/20 matrix?

Answer at least those questions, but please feel free to continue the conversation beyond that.

By Wednesday, your group should post a summary to the large group discussion space that lists any similar trends in your history, that highlights interesting differences, and that offers at least one insight or question about the Faith20/20 materials.