Because this is an online course, I do not expect there to be any absences during our six weeks together. If, however, you learn that for some extraordinary reason you will have to be absent for more than a few days from our process, here are my expectations:

  1. Consider whether or not this is the right term to be taking this class. The class only meets for six weeks, and each week has key small group project work. Missing even one week hurts your colleagues’ learning, as well as your own. EL1515 is offered several times a year, in intensive formats as well as online.
  2. If something absolutely unforeseen comes up — and I have a family, I know how that happens! — email me as soon as you can, letting me know how long you expect to be offline and the reason. In your email, propose some alternative ways for how you will fulfill your commitments to your classmates’ learning, as well as meet your own personal learning goals.
  3. Be aware that unexplained absence from small group work for even one week automatically changes your grade to a marginal. Absence of longer than one week constitutes a fail.