I’m trying to figure out how to come up with only 10 commandments that might be a concise summary of integrating technology into theological education. I’m definitely getting stuck here, and would love to have help from anyone out there who might be thinking about this. Here are some I’m playing with right now. What would you get rid of? what would you add? I need to crowd source this thing!

Thou shalt keep your mission in front of you at all times

Thou shalt remember that technology is not an instrument, but a variety of media; and each of these media bring their own cultures with them.

Thou shalt remember that pedagogy always comes first, but that implicit curriculum demands good integration across a learning environment (a campus, for instance).

Thou shalt not assume that integrating technology into theological education will necessarily bring about cost savings and/or generate additional funds.

Thou shalt look for flow, those places where people are volunteering to participate and throw their energy into projects.

Thou shalt remember that integrating technology into teaching scares the bejeebers out of some faculty, while energizing others — and plan accordingly.

Thou shalt remember that digital tech continues to shift notions of authority, authenticity and agency – not just for your faculty or staff, but first and foremost for your students!

Thou shalt not re-invent the wheel.

Thou shalt draw on the people who are natives in this arena, and invite your immigrants to share their cross cultural insights.

Thou shalt remember to communicate, communicate, communicate.

Thou shalt remember that a thousand little failures will likely lead to a wonderfully huge success, while one big success will not obviate or avoid the need for learning from multiple failures.

Thou shalt not assume that innovation only happens in the US, or that your students are only middle class white Americans.

Thou shalt remember that design MATTERS.

Thou shalt ease people’s concerns by taking seriously their instrumental approaches – but always and everywhere remember strategically that this is an adaptive change.