Finding hope in non-linear change

/ 21 November 2021

This is an essay by British author George Monbiot that shares in an accessible way some of how non-linear change could give us hope when it comes to climate catastrophe.

Today I’m thinking about the possibility of non-linear change in relation to racial injustice. I think there is something brewing, there is a Spirit seeking to breathe into and through us, that is pushing us to see not only the stark choices and awful histories we are embedded in, but the forms and stories of resistance.

I also heard something this week that resonated with me: we learn history not because history repeats, but because history rhymes. So not precisely the same thing happening, but things happening that rhyme with the past.

So how might we lift up histories that we WANT to rhyme? There is collective organizing happening all over the world. Some have named October “striketober” for the amount of labor activism. And there are myriad small, local efforts to build communities that are walkable, where mutual aid and mutual responsibility remove the need for militarized policing. Let’s share more of those stories!