More on COVID19

/ 16 March 2020

Updates and information:

I have moved my resource collection to its own page and will be updating there.

I am doing fine — my cold is slowly receding — and we are finding ways to stay connected while hunkered down at home. I want to start collecting the most useful pieces I’ve come across, rather than simply allowing them to fly through my facebook stream. So here is a list:

A good basic “explainer” from Vox

Visualizations that help us to understand why we need to “flatten the curve”

Understanding some of the data

The Imperial College of the UK’s report, which finally triggered our federal government to do something]

A reminder from the head of Andover Newton at Yale Div to keep our priorities in order: “(first) safety, (second) emotional well-being, (third) keeping our institutional gears turning, and (where possible) taking advantage of teachable moments.”

Fair use and emergency remote teaching

Tips on reporting on COVID19 and preventing misinformation

We need all of us

James Martin, SJ on faith in a time of coronavirus

Met Opera to offer free streams

Howard Rheingold’s tips for teaching online in higher ed

More tips for teaching online

Engagement tools for remote teaching

Crowdsourced tools for remote learning

Good advice for livestreaming worship that encourages participation

Parish resources in a time of social distancing

Advice from someone who has lived in isolation for a long time

Lessons from the Presencing Institute for this time

Sojourners list of useful resources for faith communities

The Anglican Church of Canada’s list of resources

Principles for ethical cancellation

Community care in a time of COVID19

And to keep laughing — try Jimmy Fallon and Lin Manuel Miranda as they try to do a show from home

A Coronavirus coping kit