Seeking peace in the middle of anguish

/ 29 September 2018

This week has been very hard for me. I cannot watch the Kavanaugh hearing without remembering DKE at Yale, without remembering the ways in which entitled white boys from wealthy families waltzed through the halls of Yale with not only no respect for women, but very little respect for anyone at all.

I am flummoxed and stunned by the latest. Dr. Blasey Ford’s testimony felt very credible to me, and the legal analysis I’ve read and listened to since has affirmed that feeling. Judge Kavanaugh’s testimony, on the other hand, made me worried about him being  a judge in any venue, let alone on the Supreme Court.

I am tired, angry, desolate… nearing despair.

And into the space comes music. Comes friends with hugs. Comes the stories of many, many women.

Here is one piece of music which reminds me of the power of collective hope and love.