Reaching out in love and truth

/ 28 January 2017

My heart aches, my soul shivers, and my mind cannot fathom all that has happened this past week during the first days of the Trump Administration. The executive order cutting off visas for citizens from particular countries — all of whom are majority Muslim — and banning refugees from those countries is the order which strikes the most anguish for me.

I am contacting my legislators, I am protesting in the streets — and here I want to make an offer to anyone out there who thinks what Trump is doing is right, but has some doubts. If you want someone to talk with, someone who will not judge you for your fears but wants to be in dialogue, call me.

The big question I want people to pause and think about? Is solidarity a value worth defending? I think it is, and I am going to do all that I can do in the days to come to live into that belief.

The End of the Line: the uncertain future of the western world from Delve on Vimeo.