Missional church in Oshkosh

/ 29 April 2014

Oshkosh was full of surprises for me this week. I’ve already mentioned the wonderful music I was treated to, but I also became curious about a storefront church whose lovely graphic design captured my attention. Turns out Oshkosh has a missional church plant, right on the corner of Main Street and Merritt (literally two blocks from my childhood home). Not certain I would agree entirely with their theology, but I’m impressed with their graphic design and media savvy.

I didn’t have the opportunity to meet any of them in person, but the next time I’m in town I’m going to try and do so. I’m curious whether they have any connections to City Church San Francisco, because something of their “vibe” seemed similar. In any case, it’s an audacious move, since they worship at the Grand Opera House, which is literally a block from my home church and numerous other more traditional churches.