Wonderful, ethereal music

/ 27 April 2014

I’m in Oshkosh right now, visiting my mom, and had the chance this evening to go with her to hear a UWO senior student recital. My mother used to drag us to these recitals night after night every spring when I was a child, because she taught in the music department and didn’t want to have to pay for a babysitter. I suppose she also thought some of it might rub off on us? In any case, I was happy to go along primarily to revisit my childhood, but if I’m honest I have to note that I didn’t have very high expectations.

I was completely blown away.

The student, Nicolás Gutiérrez is a senior composition student. The recital was entirely of his original compositions. He had pieces for brass quintet, string quartet, solo vocalist, and two absolutely beautiful choral pieces. I was mesmerized. This is a composer whose work you will certainly hear at some point, once other people start to find it. All I could find online were two soundcloud pieces, and a youtube recording of his work The Cloths of Heaven, but they are a place to start. Keep your ears open for this young man — I’m sure we’ll be hearing more from him!