Help to save Crosswinds

/ 8 February 2013

If you’ve been reading my blog over the last couple of years, you’ll know that I’ve been an advocate for the East Metro Integration District Schools — both Harambee, which is the elementary school, and Crosswinds, the middle years IB program.

For reasons you can learn more about at the EMIDFamilies website, EMID has decided to close both of these schools. Fortunately for Harambee, the Roseville district has agreed to take on that school. We also have a suitor for Crosswinds, that is, the Perpich Center for Arts Education would like to take over governance of Crosswinds. In order to do so (since Perpich is a state agency), we need the legislature to pass appropriate legislation. So we are in hyperdrive this month trying to support the legislation we need. If you know anyone over in the state legislation who might be open to hearing about this issue, please let them know.

You can get background briefing materials and legislative contact information online. We’re also deeply grateful to Laurie Stein and Dan Luke for creating a short video about Crosswinds. Check it out!