Remembering Loren Mead’s “10 Ways”

/ 6 December 2010

I haven’t read this for a while, and really appreciated the Alban Institute bringing it back to mind for me. That is, Loren’s Mead’s list of the top ten ways that congregations shape and are shaped by society (details at the blog). Now I’m wondering to what extent congregations are still doing this. And, of course, I’m thinking about to what extent the seminary does:

  • Strangers meet on common ground.
  • Fear of the stranger is faced and dealt with.
  • Scarce resources are shared and abundance is generated.
  • Conflict occurs and is resolved.
  • Life is given color, texture, drama, a festive air.
  • People are drawn out of themselves.
  • Mutual responsibility becomes evident and mutual aid possible.
  • Opinions become audible and accountable.
  • Vision is projected and projects are attempted.
  • People are empowered and protected against power. </ul></blockquote>