Rally to restore the church’s sanity

/ 4 December 2010

I love this! A young blogger at the National Catholic Reporter (NCR) solicits from her friends the signs they would carry, were they to attend a “rally to restore the Catholic church’s sanity.” Here are just a few of the responses:

  • I disagree with you, but I do not think you are a heretic!
  • Catholics United for Better Wine at Mass
  • I like to go to Latin Mass with my same-sex partner.
  • Jesus was an immigrant.
  • I admire your attempts to follow the Gospel, even if I find them misguided.
  • I go to Mass on Sundays, and I vote on Tuesdays.
  • Jesus was on the margins of his society. Where is our Church?
  • The Catholic Church: Keeping fear and/or guilt alive for over 2000 years.
  • Christ our hope, Benedict our pope.
  • Nuns rock!
  • St. Joesph has been buried in my backyard for a while. Will someone please buy my house?
  • Really? That's what you think Jesus would do?
  • Vote for Pedro for Pope.
  • Pews could really be more comfortable.
  • Cyber stoning is just as bad. </ul>

    Her longer column is right on the mark!