TheYesMenFixtheWorld movie

/ 24 July 2010

We just got done watching TheYesMenFixtheWorld movie — it’s a wonderful, creative, funny, shocking documentary look at a couple of guys who do “improv everywhere” kind of creative actions. The film documents some of their more amazing hoaxes (including impersonating Dow Chemical spokespeople on BBC and announcing reparations for Bhopal), and calls attention to the energy and joy that can come from confronting the massive deception at the heart of unregulated free market ideologies.

Because they're being sued -- and I suppose also because they want the film to get wide showing -- they're making it available for free download via most popular p2p sharing networks. I highly recommend the film, and enjoyed it so much I just ordered a copy of the DVD (which, yes, costs money) so as to support them and show the film around here. </param></param></param></embed>