Hope and inspiration

/ 14 July 2010

I’ve written in here before about the Avalon School, a local 7-12th grade charter school sponsored by Hamline University which is focused on project-based learning. But now I’m even more inspired than ever, due to having just watched the documentary film We Are the People We’ve Been Waiting For.

The film is a collaboration of US and UK educators who are seeking to confront the adaptive challenges our educational systems face. The first half of the film is in many ways deeply depressing, but the second half looks at some of the many creative alternatives being tried around the world. And that's where the inspiration and hope arose for me, since Avalon exemplifies many of the best responses this film highlights.

I tend to forget how fortunate we are to live in St. Paul, MN, where commitment to innovation in education still exists. This film reminds me, and brings me renewed hope! It's definitely worth seeing. And any of you who know of 7-12th graders looking for innovative educational environments? Send them to Avalon.