Happy world water day (or not so happy?)

/ 22 March 2010

Today is World Water Day, which is a moment to reflect on the increasingly precious resource that is water. I’ve just returned from a weekend at Shalom Hill Farm, where on the road to and from we drove past huge flooded fields.

It's the spring melt season here in the upper midwest, which is a time of flooding. Flooding that is often made worse by outdated farming practices like tiling. Tiling increase the rush of water off the land, carrying with it rich topsoil, and pulling dangerous farming chemicals into our rivers and streams. So here we have a local challenge of TOO MUCH water, while at the same time in other parts of the world there is too little fresh, drinkable water.

You're probably already aware that drinking bottled water is problematic in all sorts of ways, at least, if you already have safe tap water available. But have you ever tried to explain that to someone? Here's a great little video that makes it clear in under 10 minutes: </param></param></param></embed>