Sorting through websites for teaching and learning

/ 22 August 2009

Sometimes it feels to me like I’m at the end of a firehose of information, with so many new kinds of websites coming online that I hardly know where to look first. Fortunately the American Association of School Librarians publishes a list of the “best 25 websites for teaching and learning.” You may think that because the AASL is oriented towards school libraries that they wouldn’t have much to offer theological schools — but you would be wrong!

Our Story, for instance, is a site that allows people to collaborate on building timelines together. Imagine the possibilities in a history course. And Wordle creates word images that give you a sense of the number of times a specific word or phrase is used in a text. Imagine the possibilities there, for new perspectives on theological or biblical texts.

Part of what I love about Web2.0 is that it allows information to find ME, rather than me having to go looking for it. Given how much info is coming my way, I need to develop useful filters. Librarians are very much a part of my "useful filter" pool!