EXCELLENT slideshow on learning

/ 28 May 2009

Here’s one of the best slideshows I’ve encountered in a long time on learning. I believe it was put together by George Siemans. It not only engages a range of important theories — put together in a way I haven’t seen before, but with which I think I agree wholeheartedly — but explores the implications of emerging digital technologies for these frames of learning, and it does so not simply in terms of Web 2.0 tech for individuals, but also institutions.

The only addition I'd offer, is to point out that in the theological context we have some resources we can draw on that are quite ancient in terms of how we understand learning (eg. Parker Palmer's description of the "community of truth" in Christian terms), but which nevertheless are very congruent with Siemans' argument.

(Hat tip to Bob for sending the link to me!)