Charter for Compassion

/ 4 February 2009

I can’t figure out how to embed this video — I’m sure someone can help? — but take a few moments to go to the website and watch this call for people of religious faith to participate in a “charter for compassion” which is an attempt to work towards compassion FROM WITHIN their particular faith OUTWARD in and for the sake of the world. As the organization points out:

The Charter for Compassion does NOT assume:

  • all religions are the same
  • compassion is the only thing that matters in religion
  • religious people have a monopoly on compassion </ul> The Charter DOES affirm that:
    • compassion is celebrated in all major religious, spiritual and ethical traditions
    • the Golden Rule is our prime duty and cannot be limited to our own political, religious or ethnic group
    • therefore, in our divided world, compassion can build common ground </ul>

      I think this is a movement that is walking on an inter-faith path that holds enormous promise.