The Problem with GodTube…

/ 23 January 2009

GodTube is one of the sites you might consider a competitor to Feautor (the site I’ve been collaborating on building). But it’s actually not AT ALL like Feautor in that it is a site which operates from and promotes specific editorial policies, which have a very narrow theological component to them.

Hence the very fact that this video is available at the site -- and clearly passed the site's "pre-approval" tests -- strikes me as a compelling reason NOT to support this site. Feautor, on the other hand, is wide open -- which of course means that someone could post the same video there. But on Feautor we make no up front editorial claims, nor do we censor or promote material based on an editorial board's decisions. Rather, we look to our community of users to determine their own criteria for using the site, and for contributing content to it. Our theological claims build a space for conversation, a space to convene sharing, rather than a space that hosts only "pre-approved" content.

So decide for yourself: do you want to contribute to GodTube, or Feautor?