World’s Indigenous Peoples Day

/ 10 August 2008

I’m at the Media, Religion and Culture conference in São Paulo, Brazil, and just got done watching a really compelling video of some ethnographic work that Patricia Bustamente is doing with the Nasa people of Colombia. So it is interesting to come back to my room to rest a bit (which meant I opened up my RSS reader for the first time in days) and find that the first piece I opened up had a link to this post about the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples.

The day was actually yesterday, August 9th, but I figure there's something mystical reminding me of it today -- and in any case, we ought to be aware of these issues more than one day a year anyway.

I'll try to blog more about the conference, but during it I'm so caught up with the discussions that I haven't found myself blogging. You can read Lynn's posts, however, and as I find more people blogging the conference, which I'm sure will be out there, I'll update the list here.