Powerful opposition story from LA

/ 19 July 2008

I started reading this blog post because of the quote at the beginning, about stories:

A story refers life to an alternative and more final judge who is far away. Maybe the judge is located in the future, or in the past that is still attentive, or maybe somewhere over the hill, where the day’s luck has changed (the poor have to refer often to bad or good luck) so that the last have become first. Story-time (the time within a story) is not linear. The living and the dead meet as listeners and judges within this time, and the greater the number of listeners felt to be there, the more intimate the story becomes to each listener. Stories are one way of sharing the belief that justice is imminent. And for such a belief, children, women and men will fight at a given moment with astounding ferocity. This is why tyrants fear storytelling: all stories somehow refer to the story of their fall. – From John Berger’s That have not been asked: ten dispatches about endurance in the face of walls

I LOVE this quote. But the extended story attached to the quote -- a tale of environmental activism and urban farming -- is really what's worth reading.