Lessig on Obama

/ 9 February 2008

Here’s a very careful and thoughtful argument — and it really is an argument, with a careful outline to it — by Lawrence Lessig about why we should be supporting Obama instead of Clinton.

It's 20 minutes long, and carefully reasoned, so it might not appeal to everyone. But I hope you'll find the time to listen to it, and share it with your friends and family. I was especially struck by the last five minutes or so, where he makes the case for Obama being a leader who inspires moral courage, a courage that can transform us and that can inspire the world to change how they see us, a leader who not only can "bring the troops home" -- but actually work for PEACE.

One of the few video clips embedded in what is mostly an oral/text lecture, is a brief clip of Obama pointing out that change "does not happen from the top down, it happens from the bottom up." I am yet again inspired -- as I have been before -- not simply by Obama himself, but by what he is drawing out from others whom I deeply respect.